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"Mischievous orphan Maya Madison is the very last girl you should choose to visit a school in remotest Siberia. Hoping to cause havoc, get out of doing any homework and maybe see a polar bear or two, she’s disappointed to find the Taymira Academy mercilessly strict, and it’s pupils meek and submissive under the influence of some unknown fear. Maya’s rebellious nature brings her in to immediate conflict with the academy’s hostile teaching staff, and she begins to realise that there is more to Taymira than meets the eye. Risking severe punishment she attempts to solve the mysteries that gather around her, but is left with more questions than answers. Was she drawn to the sinister school by more than just fate? What happens in the secretive laboratory next door? Is there a connection between the academy’s principal and her lost parents? Above all – will she ever escape from Siberia? Join Maya on an adventure into the unknown, where friendship, evil, danger, and a baby wolf await…"

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